You Down With INTP? (Ya, You Know Me!)

Asking QuestionsHow can someone who works with people; whose job it is to help others find themselves and unlock their full potential, do so without fully understanding themselves?  What was it that the Oracle at Delphi was saying?

Recently, I completed the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator test and found out that I am an “INTP.”  This stands for “Introverted,” “Intuitive,” “Thinking” and “Perceiving.”CB Driving with Myers Briggs1

The result has been a greater sense of self-awareness.  I feel like I am in the driver seat.  Self-awareness is the step that proceeds ‘self-regulation‘ on the Emotional Intelligence continuum.  Self-regulation connects with the need to focus on process over situation.  To move forward through the cloud of uncertainty, one must have self-awareness and an appreciation of how to act with intentionality.

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About gsstrojantalk

I grow people for a living and stretch myself for fun! I pursue a constant state of relentless restlessness and 'grow people' by creating conditions within which others around me choose to stretch. I want to explore the Why, How and What that I do, or believe that I do. These are musings and provocations. Oh, and I'm the proud Principal of Gananoque Secondary School, in beautiful Gananoque, Ontario.
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