Principles For This Principal!!

Growing people, both students and staff, is complex work.  Moral Compass Of Leadership

Ultimately, I can never know with 100% assurance that a decision I
make will have the desired outcome or when that desired outcome may manifest itself.  I believe that there are, therefore, no objectively right or wrong decisions, there are only justifiable decisions.  I don’t believe that acting from a position of authority in applying rules provides much comfort to anyone nor does it strike me as leadership.  I act from principles rather than from prescribed rules.  Some rules, however, are the applications of these principles.  Don’t get me wrong; rules are important but, more important, are the values and principles that lie beneath them and hold them up.

What Do I Believe That Causes Me To Act The Way I Do?

I believe that schools,

  • should be safe places; emotionally, psychologically and physically,
  • need to lead in developing the health and well being of students; their mental health, their physical fitness and, more and more we now need to lead in developing greater nutritional health,
  • should be places where all kids feel that they belong,
  • should be focused on learning; deep learning,
  • should be the hotbed of innovation and innovative thinking,
  • should be FUN!

What Is My WHY?

Education maximizes everyone’s future freedom of choice and action.  It provides a key role in creating healthy, confident and happy young people ready to exercise their responsibilities as a member of their community.

Public Education helps feed our economy and secure our democracy.

More so than ever, public schools are the source of character development for our communities.

I believe that I have the ability to grow people and both inspire and motivate them to stretch themselves to truly maintain the relevance of our educational system in the 21st century.

90 % Number Transparent

I am proud to work for an organization that has set such a noble and lofty goal for the young people and communities we serve.  I am committed to our 90% Graduation Rate.  I am also committed to putting a face to the numbers and to learn the story of our students so that I better understand how to serve.

I will continue to pursue a better understanding
of 100% Satisfactionhow to meet the needs of the students, parents and communities we serve so that we reach our goal of having 100% satisfaction.  As expectations of schools continue to rise, I need to ensure that I provide clarity around the things we can and will do and be open and honest about the things that we won’t do or are not able to do.

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About gsstrojantalk

I grow people for a living and stretch myself for fun! I pursue a constant state of relentless restlessness and 'grow people' by creating conditions within which others around me choose to stretch. I want to explore the Why, How and What that I do, or believe that I do. These are musings and provocations. Oh, and I'm the proud Principal of Gananoque Secondary School, in beautiful Gananoque, Ontario.
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